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What kind of services can Odell Group provide for a digital ad campaign I want do do?

Well, before you begin to even think about creative and copy message, you need to fully plan your digital advertising campaign. We can help you:

  • Set measurable goals;
  • Determine your perfect target audience;
  • Determine which online media [i.e., facebook] or publications you want to buy and what kind of budget you'll need to reach a major portion of your target audience;
  • Integrate the unique components and elements of a website that completely fulfill your needs and requirements;
  • Create and design a digital ad campaign that engages, excites, and retains the loyalty of your target audiences.

Digital Ad "DOs"

  • Keep your creative, bright, colorful and SIMPLE
  • Keep your campaign message and offer strategy SHORT & SMART
  • Be consistent in your messaging throughout the campaign
  • Make sure your 'Call to Action' is clear
  • Choose the right banner ad sizes for your campaign
  • Choose your media placement carefully
  • Click thrus: Make sure you have a great landing page to capture conversions for leads and sales
  • Respond to inquiries right away to further increase conversion potential